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Battle for the Galaxy is a space game, packed with action and strategy in which you get to create your land, your character, and your army. If you’re brave and strong, courageous and determined, sharp and enthusiastic, then there is no stopping for you to conquer the entire universe. In the game, you’ve to keep your fort strong and protected while finding out the weaknesses and the faults in others, so that you can place your army and breach them out.

The action never stops but to move forward in the game and excel, you’d need to build up your base and units, have an excellent war strategy – especially when it comes to defense – as well as upgraded resource buildings. The game provides 3 options for players to collect the resources that would upgrade your game and make you a stronger player.

You can collect the resources directly from the resource building and also can battle with other various players. The 2nd option is for you to complete one of the multiple missions and tasks in order to increase your resources. Finally, the 3rd and most enjoyable – but probably the riskiest and trickiest option – is to collect your resources by engaging your troops in direct battles with other real players. But make sure to plan your strategy very carefully before initiating a battle, otherwise, the risk of losing your units is high.

Battle for the Galaxy; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy are:
– Avoid upgrading all your defensive buildings at the same time as this will leave you exposed to attacks
– It’s good to upgrade your mines as many times as possible. The additional energy and titanium that you’ll get will assist you in building new towers
– To level up faster in the game, save your crystals for drones
– Optimize your building times by planning your upgrades to take place while you are not playing the game
– To increase the defense of resources and town buildings, build all of your available towers
– Joining corporations is a great way to improve the defense of your base. They will send you free troops but make sure to send some back as well

Battle for the Galaxy; Overall Review

Overall, Battle for the Galaxy is a power pack of fun and energy, not only providing you with leisure time entertainment but rather a mind-sharpening method that would help you explore the tactics and plans that your mind can explore – and the best part is that it is a free game! There’s a mobile version of the game (both in iOS and Android), but you can also enjoy it over your browser. The visuals and graphics of the game are amazing and top-notch. They give you a real-time look and feel as if you are actually inside of the game.

No need for you to wait any longer, test your war skills in conquering the galaxy in one of the most popular boys games now!!


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