Big Company: Skytopia

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Big Company Skytopia

In a world full of the similar city building games, Skytopia brings uniqueness to the table with the innovative concept of a floating city. Developing your dream city has never been simpler, and due to the player friendly interface Skytopia making your populace happy and getting pleasure from the challenge of building a city in the sky won’t be difficult to accomplish.

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Fabricate the sky city of your imagination and develop your triumphant business above the sky. Combine forces with the most renowned scientists to appreciate the vision of Skytopia. It’s high time that you to take part in developing the new industrial evolution above the clouds. Skytopia offers the potential for a broader range of products but still with an emphasis on high quality entrepreneurial games that share a lighthearted style of art along with casual feel.

BIG company version Skytopia reflects the concept of the American Dream as which was visualized in the end of 19th Century. An age of technological advancement and marvel, an era of festivity and positivity, where everything was probable, where scientists enjoyed the positions of the great men and women of the age. The game offers players the chance to join real life scientific heroes like Nicola Tesla and Marie Curie to build and manage their city above the clouds.

Exciting events, quests and challenges, as well as extensive social features promise to provide long-term enjoyment for all players. One of the first things that you notice when you start playing – other than the fact that Skytopia is a free game – is the great variety of buildings and their imaginative design. Also, the game offers you many options to upgrade your city, thus allowing you to change the look and feel of your city at any time you want. And of course, you have the chance to compete against real players, don’t forget that this is a multiplayer game.

Big Company Skytopia; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips to improve your efficiency in the game:

  • A hot air balloon appears in the sky every few minutes. Tap it to get useful rewards such as fuel or products.
  • To give your production a boost, use your hydraulic fuel.
  • It’s important to keep your citizens happy as this will reduce the cost of your production. To keep them happy, add decorative items to the city.
  • To get loyalty points, tap on the on corporation icon which is placed at the bottom right corner and join a clap or group.
  • Focus on the quests or complete the contracts to progress fast
  • To produce fast, upgrade the shops or factories.
  • The number of workers increase when you build residential buildings or get better ones.
  • You can produce resources by constructing the loading station in your city. However, there is only limited space for buildings in your city, so you will need to plan your city wisely and don’t forget to expand your city whenever it is possible. 

Big Company Skytopia; Overall Review

According to Simon Andrews, Head of the studio responsible for developing the game, the “BIG COMPANY: Skytopia is a unique setting and a wonderful place to spend time. The combination of the fantastical setting with real life heroes and easy to understand economy cycles make BIG COMPANY: Skytopia an intriguing game for all budding entrepreneurs”.

And this is something that we couldn’t agree with more. Overall, Skytopia is a unique city constructing game. And for those who want to continue building their city even when they are on the go, Skytopia is also a mobile game, keeping all the best simulation qualities!


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