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In the App Store it is not hard to find freemium base building games, but when it comes to Boom Beach, the game significantly set itself apart from other mobile games by providing an engrossing experience of the battles to the players, where they are required to make different strategic choices. Created by Supercell, Boom Beach is quite similar to Clash of Clans, where the players are required to build their defensive and offensive forces in order to win battles with other players, which also allows them to gain more resources. The game starts by giving a simple tutorial to the players regarding how they can set up their base and how the players can attack other enemy bases in order to increase their levels.

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The game does not allow the players to control their troops and weapons. But it allows them to design their fortresses effectively by placing the flares, guns or missiles on the right location, which automatically attacks the enemy forces by themselves. The players can also upgrade and increase their troops to make them more powerful. This blend of real-time attack replication, pre-battle strategy, and active support enhance the fighting experience of the game by making it more engaging for the players. Even when the players are off-line, they might find themselves engaging in battles, where their troops and weapons automatically start to defend the base, whenever it gets attacked from the enemy forces.

This feature also gives the players a unique sense of pride when they watch the replay of how their defenses prevented the attacks of the enemy and also gives them a lesson to improve the layout of their bases whenever they get defeated from the rivals. In order to build the bases, the players are required to use various materials, such as wood, iron ore and coins. For instance, by using the coins players can either upgrade their headquarters in order to level up the game or they can utilize them to purchase more fortresses, weapons or troops to make their bases stronger than their enemies.

Boom Beach; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for moving faster and have more fun:
– Focus on the destruction of your opponent’s headquarters, this is what will secure your win. The rest of the defense elements are not that important
– Always use the “Scout” button before attacking so as to get a better visibility of the layout of your opponent’s layout. With this information in mind, you’ll be able to plan your attack in the most efficient way.
– Upgrade as soon as you can. Start with your headquarters to unlock all of the boom beach buildings.
– Organize your defense. Put your Cannons at the places where Heavies and other enemies will come from. Boom Cannons are good but need a lot of time to reload. For enemies that are close/medium range use Flamethrowers or Machine Guns. Mortars and Rocket launchers are good for long range enemies but they need time to reload. Always use a couple of Sniper Towers, the sniper in the tower is armed with a long-range rifle that deals good damage.
– It’s good to keep exploring and attacking while you are upgrading or building – it can take up to 2 hours to upgrade or add new buildings as you progress.

Boom Beach; Overall Review

Boom Beach is a very popular and addictive multiplayer games among those people who are more inclined to play mobile app games. However, if you are playing Boom Beach, then you will need a lot of patience. This is because it takes time to make the base more powerful than the enemies. But despite this, the in-game experience is still very enjoyable that you can play with your friends or family members at any time.


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