Crystal Saga

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Crystal Saga

Representing the world of Vidalia: Crystal Saga is a classic 2D MMORPG action game. By classic it means, a game with a twist of other fantasy/magic themed RPG games. The gameplay of Crystal Saga full of daily quests and it is situated in a magical kingdom like area which gives the game an aesthetic effect. This game is class level player based and the classes available in this game are five as follows; Mage, Paladin, Priest, Ranger, and Rogue.

Crystal Saga follows the expedition of discovery and exploring the realm the game is situated in. On this quest/ expedition/ discovery, your character may experience adventure on each road. Coming in contact with enemies on any ground; in the shape of beasts or barbarians. The game also has the feature to tames pets for yourself while on your journey to fulfilling the quest. In this game, you’re not running around aimlessly, but each road and discovery is affiliated with various locations which you can use to collect rewards, treasures, and weapons.

This is possible with the help of onscreen location maps provided to target the subject of the daily mission. These secret treasures, weapons, and rewards help the character in the long run for they can store things in their inventory to use them later for a critical attack. Each monster you take down raises you on a high pedestal in the game which slowly paves the way to glory.

For player ease, the controls are very clearly evident on the screen as you play and as for location, like mentioned before, the developers have provided 50 and above built-in maps for you to navigate your character peacefully and multiple battlegrounds and dungeons. Also, the game has the feature for characters to equip battle wings which along with other stats are always shown up on screen, updating as you progress the levels.

Crystal Saga; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy are:

  • It is easier for rangers and rogues to get through the Survival of the Fittest as they have high move speed, and easier for priests with max movementl’s blessing to heal any HP lost. Also, mages fire scion skill is still active during the event.
  • Increase the power and strength of your pet by equipping it with a weapon, armor and other useful equipment. Not only will your character be armed to his/her teeth, but so will your pet.
  • There are four pieces of equipment pets may equip. These include weapon, armor, ring and vitalon. Pet equipment is categorized by four different level ranges, including level 30, 60, 80 and 100.

Crystal Saga; Overall Review

Crystal Saga is a free game where you can fight with other players in PvE and PvP zones. This is one of the many amazing strategies the game is equipped with. The game also functions with storyline dialogue which helps players invest their time and concentration in the game and story efficiently. It gives them a moment never to experience boredom.


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