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Empire Four Kingdoms


Goodgame Empire is a massively popular, online multiplayer game, which is based around browser strategies and epic empire building experience. In this game, if you want to become the most dominant king, then you’ll need a great strategy. The game play is based on building and designing medieval castles and fortresses, training and creating a powerful army, and battling with other players in attempt to conquer and rule 4 kingdoms. When you start playing this game, you will initially play the role of a lord of the castle and rule small fortresses in the kingdom called “Great Empire”.

Moreover, as progress within this game, you will be able to upgrade your fortresses and castle by eventually turning them into the capital of the kingdom. In order to defend the castles, players will have to assemble and train their armies, which will also help them to capture more territories and in fighting epic battles with other players. To help facilitate the production of new troops, building and technologies, players can also be able to extend their economic system within this game.

In Goodgame Empire, it’s totally up to the players how they expand their kingdoms and territories. They can either form new alliances with other players to increase their territories or they wage war against the territories of other players and capture their area by force. In order to feed the army and build new structure around the territories, players can accumulate and utilize various resources like food, stone and wood within this game. Another feature of this game is that players can acquire 3 outposts, consisting of mini-castles, which can either be created from scratch or seized from other players. As the game advances, player will also be able to unlock new kingdoms like Storm Island, Everwinter Glacier, Fire Peaks and Burning Sand.

Empire Four Kingdoms; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy are:

  •  Even if your storage for resources is full you will still get the extra resources from an offer purchase. Any offer purchases made that include resources such as food, wood and stone will ignore the storage cap and add the resources to your account. You will be unable to exceed the storage limit in other ways (besides upgrades and research for example) but any purchase of an offer will always ignore the storage limit.
  • If your equipment inventory is full you will be unable to exceed this storage limit, regardless of if an offer was purchased or not. There are two limits to the equipment inventory, a soft limit which will change the look of the inventory to include a large, red exclamation mark and the hard limit. The soft limit is in place to give you an idea of when your storage is almost full and allow you to remove some items if rewards are expected. The hard limit on the other hand cannot be exceeded, either with purchases or gaining rewards from events or battles. Please be sure you have enough space for any equipment, gems or heroes you expect to receive.
  • Aside from offers for purchasing rubies in the game you will also be presented with offers for various in-game items and equipment. Rather than requiring you to purchase rubies to unlock the offers you will instead be required to spend rubies already on your account. These offers couldn’t be simpler as they state exactly what you will receive and the cost in rubies for the item. Simply hit the purchase button, the rubies will be removed form your account and the item/s added to your relevant storage


Empire Four Kingdoms; Overall Review

The game has also won many awards like European Games Award (2011 and 2014) and Bam Award during the year of 2012. The best part is that Empire Four Kingdoms is a free game and – what’s more – you can enjoy it even when you are on the go as the mobile version of the game can easily be downloaded on smartphones or tablets. Take advantage of it, and enjoy the Empire Four Kingdoms experience at any time with your family members and friends.


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