Empire: World War III

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Empire: World War III is an epic MMO space game in which you are required to create your human-colony on Mars. In order to survive within this sci-fi strategy game, you have to create a base, train your armies, build your empire and wage wars against the territories of other players. To create the colonies, you have to build your production facilities in order to extract and mine crucial resources, which in turn assist you in creating their structures, increasing more troops, buying buildings and more.

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When you are landed in the Mars Trade Federation at the beginning of this game, you are introduced with Eva who provides a short tutorial in order to help you commence your mining operations. To clearly understand the vast barren lands, you are required to use radars in order to can your surroundings and environment for the millennium. This is also the first objective you get because only after finding the radars, you are able to scan or prospect the areas around their bases. Once your radars are operational, you can easily run the first scan within the game. Moreover, you are also provided with various quests like creating a solar panel to generate energy for your bases, launching a probe to discover the nodes near your bases or training 200 giants to build a strong army for the empire. After completing all the quests, you are able to receive various rewards like silicates and metals, to create useful stuff for your bases; oxygen, to help you survive in the planet and energy to maintain the health of your troops.

Empire: World War III; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy are:
– To be able to train troops, you need to build the building TRAINING GROUNDS in your base. Once your training ground is done, you can train different unit types like miners, tanks, etc.
– You can build several buildings in the inner area and the periphery of your base. To build up, tap on the the empty spot where you want to build your facility. You can choose up to 27 buildings. These buildings include Hospitals, Habitat, Training Grounds, Laboratory, Radar, etc
– To produce resources (coins, oxygen, energy, metal and silicate), construct production buildings in your base. However, there is only a limited number of production building slots available, so it is up to you to decide which resource you need most.
– Το change your location on the map, teleport your base. You need to tap on unoccupied land on the worldmap where you want to teleport yourself and push the button TELEPORT. Be aware, that it is necessary to use an EXPERT TELEPORT item. Teleport items can be found in ITEMS on the main screen – INVENTORY.
– You can join an alliance right from the start. You may be able to join some alliances directly, others may require an invitation from a current member. Just tap on the alliance button in the bottom HUD of the screen.

Empire: World War III; Overall Review

If we talk about in-game experience, then Empire: World War III is an action game that takes you on an amazing journey to the planet Mars, where it is shown that the planet is dominated by many enemies and the only way to survive is to create train and mine to build a powerful empire on the Millennium. In case you feel that your enemies are stronger than you, then you can form new alliances by working with other’s players mining corporations and to fight battle with your common enemies. Form a common strategy against your enemies and benefit from their assistance in building faster. When you join an alliance for the first time you may get credits, metals, oxygen, coins and many more.

Important note: don’t forget to store your resources in the supply depot, in order to prevent enemies from stealing them.


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