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Goodgame Gangster

In this multiplayer game, you live as a gangster and do work for a godfather along with other members of the gang. The godfather gives you an offer that you can’t refuse and after you accept the offer, you will get a series of missions to choose from. You get new items to improve your character that can be found in the black market.

Once the player selects a mission, they can watch the gun shoots striking in the middle of the screen and thus, the player with highest energy level, luck and toughness wins the battle. Gangster is full of action and gives variety of missions to players to choose from, providing a a crime simulation experience that they will never forget.

The most interesting and amazing part of this gangster game is at the start of the game, you can choose your selective weapon from a variety of options to prepare yourself for the big battle.
The players will have a game simulator experience while playing the game. Also, the game is so simple that it can be played by anyone. There is a timer between missions during the game play and at the start; there is no lag between missions. As the game progresses and players move up the level, the timers get longer and longer.

Gangster; Overall Review

The game has good graphics for creating an interactive environment. Like most of the GoodGames titles, Gangster is a free game and has simple levels that can be completed without any hassle. The other interesting feature is the sound and the characters in the game. In this game, you can satisfy the criminal side of your personality and do things for which otherwise you will be busted. Hurry up guys and try your Gangster skills now!


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