Goodgame Big Farm

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Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm is one of the most addictive, multiplayer games that is highly popular among browser game players, due to its gameplay experience. It is based around farm game simulation in which players create their farming community through feeding their animals, planting trees and crops and meeting with local villagers in order to produce high yields within their inherited farms. When it comes to gameplay, art-style and light-attitude, then this game is very much similar to Farmville and Goodgame’s other popular games like Empire Four Kingdom.

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The game begins with an overgrown farm that is provided to you and you are required to transform it back into a proper shape so that you can generate a profitable yield on it. Various non-player characters (NPC) also appears within the game at the beginning to provide tutorials and instructions to the players. This enables you to get used to the gameplay and easily accomplish your required objectives. Big Farm is mostly based on managing resources, which include planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, transforming the vegetables into different kinds of seeds, providing seeds as food to the animals, and much more.

The best part of this game is that all its building can be upgraded by the players. The game also provides a massive map where more buildings can be unlocked, which can further help the players to receive more contents in growing their farms at a massive scale. The storytelling within this game is highly pleasant, which helps to provide a sense of purpose to the players within this game. The players can even create teams in order to increase the size of their farms by working together with each other. Within the game, there are two important resources that players can utilize in order to buy new farm-related equipment and tractors. These are coin and money which can be spent by the players in order to enhance their farming business dramatically.

GoodGame Big Farm; Tips and Tricks

Here you may find some quick tips and tricks that will assist you in progressing into this action game faster and in an efficient way:
– Before logging out, make sure that you have planted some crops that need a long time to be ready
– Always upgrade the things that will maximize your benefit. When you start the game, go for the Farmhouse instead of the Windmill – this will help you construct faster.
– Go for the Corn: it doesn’t need too much time to be ready and it is also used to produce chicken feed.
– Follow the in-game missions: These will help you get all the upgrades and buildings in the proper order. You’ll also be rewarded with items that we’ll help you keep the production going
– Don’t forget to feed your dog: give him a treat every day and you’ll be rewarded with free items that will help you with the Market upgrades.

GoodGame Big Farm; Overall Review

As with all titles offered by GoodGames Studio, Big Farm is a free game. You can easily download from App Store or Google Play so that you play it from your mobile device or tablet, or you can enjoy it directly from your browser. You are just a few steps away from harvesting your farm, hope you’ll enjoy country life!


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