League of Angels 2

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league of angels 2

League of Angels 2 is a free browser MMORPG game, a sequel to League of Angels which has remained as one of the most popular games during its release.

Located on the planet of Sapphire, League of Angels 2 (LoA2) is a quest game which circulates the expedition to save the planet of Sapphire. The players have the option to recruit a team of angels, and if the protagonists are angels, it is very easily guessable that the antagonist will be a team of devils the recruited team has to battle against.

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The game follows a very impressive, lavish and strong storyline with high-quality animation. It has all the details you need to know, right in front of you, on the screen. For instance, your team members names will be written at the bottom of your screen to indicate who is remaining, the number of your remaining attacks as well as live chat is also being conducted on the screen. It gives you daily tasks to carry, provides a map to reach particular locations. It also has a huge variety of characters to pick, choose and play with. All battles and rounds are different than the one succeeded. It is structured in a way such that it becomes addicting (in a good way) to play since the storyline is so strong, it keeps the player invested in the gameplay as well as the story.

League of Angels 2; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy in this war game are:
– To have better chances to survive in both PvE and PvP, make sure that your squad has a mix of all different classes.
– To get through the ranks faster, try to conserve your resources for higher level.
– During grinds you are going to need a lot of stamina. To do so, try to friend with as many people as you can
– Blitz to get what you want. This will help your team level up faster but be careful not to trigger happy otherwise your stamina will be wasted.

League of Angels 2; Overall Review

The graphics of this game are astounding, making it aesthetically pleasing to play. All the details, regarding angels’ makeup, costumes and special attacks are decided and customized by the player of the game. These customizations are significant and essential for successful gameplay since they determine the success of your chosen/customized angel in action. The game has to be played with a smart strategy, making sure that special attacks are released on special occasions so that it can save you the attack for crucial instances and feistier demons.

The game is full of features; like High Definition quality, instructions with video evidence, and has been played online by millions of people because of its attractive attributes. It is a beautifully colourful game and advances you automatically to the next levels once you’ve succeeded one. After the 25th level, you can also engage in multiplayer gameplay system. The game also allows users to collect rewards on different achievements and that helps the thirst to play passionately going on.


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