Legends of Honor

A Free Medieval Game!

Legends of Honor

Based on medieval fantasy, Legend of Honor is a popular MMO war game, based around epic PvP combat gameplay. The story of the game is based on a kingdom where three factions have been shown battling against each other to gain control and power over all the landscape and territories. These factions are Order of the Golden-Claw, the Knights and Ash of the Shadows and Warriors of the Wild Lands. Legends of Honor is a free game where players are required to choose one of these factions, create castles and send their heroes to fight against the rival players or marauders, which also help to increase their honor points.

Under their chosen faction, the players can also create alliances with other players in fighting different battles and capturing more resources – multiplayer game functionality at it’s best!. In the Legend of Honor, players are provided with a limited space to construct their buildings, each of which has a unique effect and offers various bonuses. However, creating every installation within this game requires resources, which can be gained by either completing the quests, fighting battles against the enemies or constructing different buildings.

Moreover, by clicking mountains and forests on the screen, the players can also gain these vital resources to build their territories. The players can also use their gems, which they can buy from the cash shops, to speed up the construction process of the tall building or training of the large fighting units, as they take a little time to get fully prepared or ready within the game. As the players progress within this game, they are able to unlock new fighting units, as well as various equipment and weapons, which further makes their armies more powerful.

There are two kinds of equipment; one is good for fighting villains and the other for fighting enemy players. Some of them give extra attack and/or defense bonuses, some give extra loot carrying capacity and some others give reputation bonus so that you earn more honor or more fear when wearing them. Any kind of equipment can give you any of these bonuses, but only the Chestplate, boots, and helmet give increased Hero unit capacity.

One of the threats you may face during the game is running out of food. To make sure that this is not going to happen, try to place as many farms as you can and then upgrade not only the farms but your bakery and windmill as well. Move your army to your other kingdoms, keep your hospital full and walk your armies death on NPC’s or other castles.

One of the best features of this game is related to its hero system. By having different heroes, which are divided into two categories (i.e., Destruction and Assault) and who march with their own armies around the map, players can seize the resources of their enemies or destroy their defenses and fortresses altogether in this game.

Legends of Honor; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy are:
– To be able to collect taxes, you need to construct a treasury within your castle. To increase the amount of taxes you can collect, you need to construct houses and townhouses. Alternatively, you can loot coins from villains and other players during battles. However, this, of course, means that they can loot coins from you, so plan your attacks wisely! The Treasury provides limited safe storage for your coins, which can’t be looted during attacks. Upgrade your treasury to increase your safe storage limit.
– You can produce resources (wood, stone, food) by constructing production buildings in your castle. However, there is only a limited number of production building slots available in your castle, so it is up to you to decide which resource you need most. Additional production building slots are unlocked as you level up.
– You can join an alliance once you have reached level 3. Only players from the same faction can be members of one alliance. You may be able to join some alliances directly, others may require an invitation from a current member.
– Honor is earned by engaging in battle with other players. However, keep in mind that attacking much weaker players might result in you losing honor. You may also lose a certain percentage of your honor points every day based on your honor rank, or all of your honor should you decide to change factions.

Legends of Honor; Overall Review

Overall, Legends of Honor is an exciting, action game that you can play not only with your friends but with real players from all over the world. The game is brooding and dark, having a realistic look when it comes to its graphics and arts.


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