World of Tanks – Tutorial

Getting Started

You want to start playing World of Games, take part in epic battles against real players and fight for victory, right?
But the thing is that there’s so many information online that you don’t know where to start from!

We faced the same issue with you, so we decided to make a simple “how-to” guide for new WoT players – we hope that you’ll find it useful!

The first thing you are requested to do once you launch the game for the first time is to complete a training course. The scope of this course is to help you learn the game basics in a real battle. Once Bootcamp is completed, you are rewarded with credits, in-game gold and more bonuses to bolster your progress as you advance in the game.


So, you have completed your Bootcamp training, well done!
Now it’s time to be introduced to your garage. It’s important to get to know this screen, as you’ll be spending a lot of time here. This is where you view all your vehicles, research and buy new vehicles, train your crews, chat with other players and, of course, start your first battle.

Step1: Select your Vehicle

You have Tier1 vehicles of all nations at your disposal from the very start. To select a vehicle, click the image in the vehicle panel. The selected vehicle is displayed in the Garage

Step2: Select Battle Mode

There are several Battle Modes in the WoT. As a new player you fight in Random Battles only. Other modes become available as you progress in the game. You can select battle modes in the dropdown menu

Step3: Roll Out

You have selected a vehicle and a battle mode. Now, click Battle and prepare for your first taste of tank combat

In Battle

After clicking Battle!, you see the pre-battle loading screen with complete rosters for both teams and the objective of the battle. Keep an eye out for the useful tips in the center of the screen.

World of Tanks - Tutorial - in battle

When loading is complete, you see the Battle Screen, which provides key information while you are in battle.

World of Tanks - Tutorial - Interactive Button

The first panel you see is that of Vehicle’s State Panel

World of Tanks - Tutorial - Vehicle State Panel

Then you can see the Ammunition and Consumables available in your vehicle through the relevant panel

World of Tanks - Tutorial - Ammunition & Consumables

You can also see where your vehicle is located against that of your competitors as well as the bases, using the Minimap

World of Tanks - Tutorial - Minimap

Team Panels shows a lineup of both teams, including data such as players nicknames, number of vehicles destroyed by each player etc

World of Tanks - Tutorial - Team Pannels

Finally, there’s the Score Panel so that you can keep track of the course of combat and the vehicles that are still intact

World of Tanks - Tutorial - Score

Are you ready to move on to the next training session? If yes, then it’s time to learn about Controls & Firing!


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