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Wartune is an exciting browser, 2G, multiplayer game which includes numerous features and strategies. As the name already suggests, the game is heavily focused on a war setting, and the characters sit in the classes of Knights, Mages, and Archers.

The game uses multiple locations and environmental settings to situate gameplay in. It can be played in a city environment, a classic city as it would have been during the time frame/century/ dynasty the game and its characters are situated in. For instance, the players are Knights, and armed soldiers, indicating the medieval times, the monarchic times when these soldiers were very demandable and the legacy of the century. So, from city structure and location to battlefield location, this action game is mimicking medieval wars of the times when everyone was busy conquering a land or the other.

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The game has different levels, and there are daily quests to achieve. Each day there is a new task and is always fresh, so you don’t feel bored, and the multiple game levels allow players to engage in something new each day. It is essential for the game to have users and since the tasks are reloaded and renewed each day, it attracts the user in playing it. Another important feature of playing this game is that it requires a lot of strategies. A strategic playing is what makes it all the more fun to participate in. The game also involves features like on-screen location maps, players details, wide view of the setting and an inventory.

The game starts with the selection of stunning models, who are supposed to lead you through the different character/fighter classes. They lead you into the game, and as soon as your model says go, you’re in the game world and all set to be the champion. The classic RPD style made the game nostalgic and detailed to play. As the levels progress more abilities, and features unlock. The game also allows for customization, so you don’t get stuck with the monotony of it and always has something to anticipate while playing the game.

Wartune; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy are:
– Place the best gems into Artifact and Halidom. Why? Because there’s no symbiosis system for these items. It means that it takes 100% of gems stats.
– Guild treasure is where you can get treasure such as Kyanite, Gem, Gold, or Daru chests. You must be in a guild for 24 hours in order to participate in the treasures.
– Gold is critical for expanding your city, enhancing the skills of your game character, increasing the power of your armor and the stats of your character through the use of gems.
– Daru and Kyanite are important too. Duru can be obtained through farming or from fighting boss battles, is used to increase the level of your troops. On the other hand, Kyanite, can be obtained from farming, from singly or multi player dungeons or from plundering other players castles, is useful for upgrading the academy technology

Wartune; Overall Review

Because of its considerate player features, Wartune has been ranked as one of the top and most loved fighting games all over the gaming community. It is a free game and it is out there to test your intelligence, and this marks a great strategy to make the brains of the players active.


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