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World of Tanks

If you are looking for an online action game that you can enjoy with your buddies, then the World of Tanks is the right game for you. The most popular tank game is based around armored warfare and provides a multiplayer feature to the players where they can team up to defeat their rivals. WoT gives you the opportunity to ride the epic battle tanks of World War 2 with other steel cowboys all over the globe, providing around 150 armored vehicles from Germany, America, and the Soviet Union that are detailed carefully with historical accuracy.

The flexible feature to authentically develop and upgrade the vehicles helps you to try out any of the weapons and vehicles within the game. Whether you prefer to use maneuverable and fast light tanks in order to exhaust your enemies, make deep breaches with all-purpose medium tanks in the enemy lines, utilize the power of large tanks to destroy your rival’s armored forces, or prefer to attack your enemy with a long-range howitzer snipers, all type of vehicles have their own merits and can be highly effective if a professional tank rider operates them.

However, being a good tank operator is not the only thing that you will need to win this game. This is because World of Tanks is all about how effectively you work with your teammates. You can only achieve victory in this game if you are successfully able to use the combat skills of your teammates collaboratively in order to defeat your enemies. So the game is all about how you use different strategies to create your own iron empire in order to rule the battlefield of the tanks.

One more impressive aspect of the game is the numerous and detailed number of battlefields. Matches take place from countrysides and mountain terrain to industrial settings and deserts. Maps are well designed, covering a lot of details related to the flow of the battle and the best tactic to use. You should be aware of the needs of each terrain in order to select the best strategy, but the fun part here is that you can test different vehicles in different locations.

World of Tanks; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy are:
– Don’t shoot at WG employees. Destroying a staff member’s tank is a big no, and they can give bans of varying severity depending on mood.
– Tanks can’t be set on fire if they’re already on fire. Don’t use your fire extinguisher, unless you’ve been set on fire twice in a row or if you’re about to lose all of your HP.
– Use the Repair Kit on your tracks before they get knocked out. It gives your tracks extra HP, making it harder to damage for a second time.
– Be patient: patience is probably the most important factor for you to successfully progress down a tank line. More experienced players will be waiting for you when you’ll move up in tiers, so you should better be prepared before doing so.
– Hold Off on Buying Premium Tanks; Premium tanks come with the added benefit of increased credit earning potential to allow for faster progression. However, if a new player decides to purchase a higher tier Premium tank, they’ll be put into a match with players who are likely beyond their skill level. This can be a bit overwhelming for a new player, depending on how far they jumped up in tiers.

World of Tanks; Overall Review

World of Tanks was first made available on the PC, but over the last 3 and a half years, it has been increasingly purchased by console owners who love to play war games as well. More than 12 million people have downloaded WoT in both Xbox One and PS4. The visual feature of the game, as compared to its previous series, have also enhanced significantly that have made the battlefields within the game more immersive than ever before. More maps are also available in the new game in order to enhance the players’ open world experience. Since the launch of the game, it has enjoyed an increasing international popularity, because of its features and highly addictive, multiplayer gaming experience. Each nation within the game has a research tree through which the players are required to advance in order to unlock new tanks, weapons, and locations.

Overall, WoT is an exciting playground of deadly rolling metal and military might that you can also enjoy while you are on the go through the mobile version of the game.

Do you want to lean how to play World of Tanks? Here’s a beginner’s guide and tips


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