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World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is a war game that is based on flight combats, that puts the player on the pilot’s seat of the 20th-century aircraft. This game provides more than 100 planes to the players in order to help them achieve air supremacy. The game also allows the players to upgrade their equipment and planes in order to make them more powerful, as compared to their enemy. The players can also purchase new planes or unlock them by progressing into more advanced levels. This game also provides both single player and multiplayer experience.

However, it is most popular among the players who like fighting games because of its Co-op battle mode. There are four classes of airplanes that are provided to the players. These are multi-role fighters, fighters, ground attack planes, and heavy fighters. One interesting feature within this game is that it allows you to build your own planes. As a player, you can customize your planes according to your own preferences by either increasing the speed of the plane or making them more powerful through adding more weapons in them. There is also an in-game currency system within this game.

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At the beginning of each round, you are required to eliminate the aircraft of your opposing teams that are circling around the area. The more you defeat your enemies, the quicker you are able to control that area. You can even capture the airfields of your rivals, which allows you to repair you own planes or act as a spawn point for them, in the case if you are killed by your enemies. You can also capture military bases of the various regions that can allow you to gain control of the ballistic missiles, which they can fire on your enemies.

World of Warplanes; Tips and Tricks

Some quick tips for improving the efficiency of your strategy are:
– When it comes to weapons and, more specifically, bombs, altitude plays a significant role. The higher you release the less accurate your bombs will be
– Similarly, small kilo bombs are only good at killing, on average 1 or 2 dots in a section. When you get up to the 200 kg/250 lbs bombs will you be able to kill 3/4 of a boxed section with one bomb. One 500 lbs bomb, hitting center mass, will destroy most dots in a small boxed section
– Rockets can be better than bombs in most cases since they are stand off weapons. In most cases, 1 rocket destroys 1 dot, but you can destroy 2 or even more dots if the targets is well aimed and you use a larger size rocket.
– Try to maximize the use of your aircraft with its intended role. Avoid using fighters to attack ground target while there are aerial targets in your cap zone.
– Before the battle starts, look at the combat area displayed. This map will show you what cap forces are present. You can see this by hovering the mouse cursor over a cap and it will show you what forces it is defended by. It gives suggestions on what should attack it (usually everything but fighters) and what should defend it (only fighters and multi-role fighters). This information is also displayed during the battle itself if you hold the F1 key.

World of Warplanes; Overall Review

World of Warplanes has an advanced multiplayer functionality, allowing players to communicate with each other at all the times through the live chat feature. This further enhances the gaming experience as the players are able to discuss their strategies with each other easily. World of Warplanes also contains a variety of maps that can range from the jungles of Burma to the Egyptian Pyramids. In order to win the matches, the teams are required to win the most influence points as compared to their rivals. The more the players capture the regions and destroy opposing planes, the more they get influence points for their teams.

World of Warplanes is a fun and full of action game that you play for free directly from your browser or have it downloaded on your mobile or tablet. Waste no more time and conquer the skies now!


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