World of Tanks | In-Game Shop Updates

  • World of Tanks | In-Game Shop Updates
  • World of Tanks | In-Game Shop Updates
  • World of Tanks | In-Game Shop Updates

Several new features are to be implemented during October to the in-game shop of of World of Tanks, here’s what has been changed:

  • Filters for Personal Reserves: There were complaints that it was difficult for player to navigate when they had large numbers of reserves so for now Wargaming has returned the filters that were in the old “Reserves” tab. This is only the first part of the improvements in this tab of the Depot. In future, Wargaming also plans to refine the reserves themselves so it’s easier to navigate the existing ones.
  • What’s in the Depot/Vehicle: Now it is indicated how many of each product players have in the Depot and how many in their vehicles. This also refers to the tooltips. It’s an auxiliary tool but Wargaming has not forgotten about it.
  • Improved display of art and text: There were questions why the art looked so big and empty at the same time. Wargaming partially solved this problem by making more efficient use of the space and in the next version, they will release another improvement to hopefully finally close the issue for good.
  • Filter Logic: Now when choosing a tank, only the equipment which can be put on the tank will be displayed.
  • Resetting filters: If nothing has been found with your selected filters, you can reset the filter with a click of a button.

In case you missed it previously, in September Wargaming also added the ability to restore sold Premium tanks.

How does it work?

To restore your sold Premium vehicles, you just need to jump to the Depot menu and select the Tanks in Garage tab. A tab labeled Restore will appear; here you can see a list of tanks you are able to restore, with all related information.

If you have any machines which can be restored, the second way to restore them is through the Garage itself. In your carousel of tanks, next to the options to buy new machines and slots, a Recovery window will appear, which shows how many are able to be restored

Promotional and unique tanks can be restored, as before, through the preview menu in the client. This is the first change that revolves around the in-game store and it won’t be the last.


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