The Most Important Gaming Platform

Among Game Developers!

Would you believe that, in a time where augmented/virtual reality headsets, Nintento Switch and Sony PlayStation are trending topics in the gaming community, PC is considered to be the most important platform by game developers?

A survey conducted by UBM, the company behind the annual Game Developers Conference, proves that. According to this survey, 66 percent of the roughly 4,000 developers surveyed are currently working on a game that will be released on PCs. Moreover, 60 percent of the respondents consider PCs one of the most interesting gaming platforms. Slightly less popular than PCs, the PlayStation 4 remains a top priority for developers as well. 38 percent of the respondents consider Sony’s bestseller one of the most interesting platforms for 2019 and 31 percent are currently working on PlayStation games. Nintendo’s popular new hybrid console, the Switch, is also enjoying a lot of developer interest this year, beating even the aforementioned PlayStation 4. However, probably due to its smaller installed base, fewer developers are already working on games for the Switch.

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Mobile devices are taken more and more seriously in terms of being fully-fledged gaming devices. 38 percent of the respondents are currently working on mobile games and 33 percent consider it one of the most exciting platforms to work on in 2019. In light of the huge installed base and the relatively low effort involved in making smartphone games, it’s understandable that developers try to capitalize on that opportunity.

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